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Protect Your Products with Surfion

QTEK’s key offering, Surfion®, is a copper-based antimicrobial additive. It inhibits the growth of non-public health related microorganisms such as bacteria, mold, mildew, and fungus that may cause odor, stain, discoloration, unsightly texture, or deterioration of the finished product.

Surfion® utilizes natural minerals as a host material which can be easily added into plastics, coatings, films and laminates, adhesives, sealants, rubbers, fibers, and wood products without affecting their properties. The natural mineral is then treated with microbe inhibitors – ionic metals such as copper in a proprietary technology to generate antimicrobial properties. Surfion® is an adaptable, effective, environment-friendly, and cost-efficient antimicrobial solution that lasts the entire lifecycle of the treated product.

Surfion® Additive is a U.S. EPA registered antimicrobial additive.